Welcome Number 3!
or as Bowser and Watson like to call her: Krk

Number 3 just joined our family! She’s nice, so far. Quiet, not too complicated, healthy… and she poops normal amounts, so that her diaper can hold it all and we don’t have to change her clothes all the time.

Not yet.

We’re all very happy, although Bowser and Watson think the name we chose is not quite right. They would’ve gone for Krk. But they like Number 3 nonetheless.

Watson even jumps out of bed every morning and with a fair dose of cute aggression marches off to our room, where Number 3 is still peacefully asleep. I then have to quickly get up before she attacks Number 3 with cuddles too dangerous for a tiny baby.

When we tell Watson she can’t hold the baby just yet, she gets angry. She thinks it’s completely unfair of us to withhold her something like that. Just as she gets angry when bats in books are upside down. Or when Number 3 is under a blanket. Or when we change lyrics of children’s songs a bit so we can put Watson’s name in. Or when we refer to her as a small kid who’s not allowed to play with Bowser’s LEGO or carry Number 3 around. “Watson big kid!” she then shouts at us, before sticking her precious pacifier in her mouth.

She knows what she wants. And when she doesn’t get what she wants, she gets angry sometimes. But her mood instantly improves when I tell her a story about Number 3.

Bowser is also excited about Number 3, but he is a bit more aware of what he can and can’t do to a baby. That’s probably due to the fact that he’s a big kid now. He even goes to school, where he’s enjoying himself very much. Although he was a bit disappointed after the first day of school. He came home and said: “I still didn’t learn how to write. You told me I will learn that in school!”

Bowser and Watson are so excited since the birth of Number 3, that they even sleep less than before. Waking up 3 or 4 times a night is no exception anymore. It makes me quite tired. In the evening, when I put them in bed, I sometimes literally sing myself to sleep. I didn’t know that’s even possible. But it’s true. And nice.

Anyway, this was supposed to be about Number 3. But I’m mostly busy entertaining the other two at the moment. Also, Number 3 sleeps a lot and has no real need for me yet. That’ll change once she discovers there’s more to life than drinking milk.

So… soon I’ll get to know her better and write more about her.

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