We need a new baby… again
because Bowser and Watson keep growing like crazy

Remember how we once started this blog, about travelling with a baby? And then Bowser suddenly wasn’t a baby anymore and we got ourselves a Watson? Okay, probably you don’t remember. But I can assure you that’s exactly what happened. And guess what? Watson is now also not a baby anymore! So again, we need a new one.

I hardly remember Bowser as a baby. Seems like such a long time ago. I do remember that he only wanted to spend time with us, his parents. Now he’s almost going to school already and has a good friend in kindergarten. Although he doesn’t know the name of this friend. Not important, he says when we ask about it. They just wanna play together. No need to know each other’s names for that. Good point, actually.

And Watson, she’s also taking major steps in her development as a human being. She’s still this tiny creature that makes incomprehensible sounds, is addicted to her pacifier and cannot hold a ball above her head because of her relatively short arms. At the same time she knows how to ride a balance bike, eats huge amounts of food and has peed in the toilet today for the first time.

Conclusion: Bowser and Watson are getting old. Time for a little brother or sister. Anna is pregnant for quite a while now, but we still didn’t decide on a name for the baby. Point is… our creativity is gone. We’re too exhausted to come up with good names. So for now, this one will just be Number 3.

We’re sorry, Number 3. Perhaps we’ll come up with something better before you’re born. Maybe not. But hey… if you turn out to be a nice kid, we’ll love you all the same. See you in December!

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