We need a new baby
because Bowser is not a baby anymore

Bowser appears to keep growing every day. He even starts to resemble a real human being now. In many ways he still appears to be a baby, for he wears a diaper, cries for no apparent reason and likes spending time with his parents. Yet he is also interested in cars, runs around a lot, plays football, has as many teeth as the average 70-year-old guy and discusses interesting topics at dinner. I wouldn’t call him a full human being yet – his head is still relatively large compared to the rest of his body – but he’s also not really a baby anymore. He’s somewhat in between.

Now you might ask: aren’t babies human beings as well? Technically they are, I guess, but it doesn’t feel that way to me. Humans are humans, babies are babies. We can argue about it, but that’s not really the issue right now. The important thing is that Bowser outgrew being a baby. And since this is supposed to be a blog about travelling with a baby, we need a new one. A real one. A 100% baby. Bowser doesn’t fulfil the requirements anymore. Therefore, in order to continue this blog, Anna and I decided to get a new one. My job’s done. Anna has yet some work to do.

Expected delivery date: November 20th. Provisional name: Dr. Watson (Watson for family and close friends).

We look forward to meeting you, Watson!

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