Category: Vorarlberg 2016

Half of Bowser’s family lives in Austria’s westernmost region Vorarlberg. We go there when we can, so you would think we’ve seen a lot of it. Well… wrong! This is what our holidays in Austria usually look like: sitting around a lot, eating too much cake, reading books, talking (or in my case: listening, pretending to understand and smiling politely) and putting a wide-awake Bowser in his grandparents’ bedroom at 6AM so Anna and I can sleep some more. We barely get out of Röthis, the tiny village Bowser’s grandparents live. But this summer that’s gonna change. We are going to discover what fun things Vorarlberg has to offer!

A dozen wooden tables on a grassy field at the edge of the forest. It’s still warm, but the sun is about to set behind the mountains in front of us. On our right we hear cows mooing and new-born pigs squeaking, on our left we enjoy an amazing view over the village of Röthis and the mountains beyond. We are surrounded by people laughing, talking, eating and drinking. It’s a nice day and the atmosphere is very gemütlich. Where we are? The Nachbaur Buschenschank of course! It’s May, after all.