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It’s one o’clock on Sunday afternoon. After a walk through cobblestone streets, past little water fountains and colourful houses, we sit down at one of the long wooden tables underneath a big party tent. Men and women in Lederhosen and Dirndl gather here to drink beer, eat schnitzel with potato salad and listen to a local band playing music on the stage at the head of the tables. We’re at a so-called Sommerfest in Brixen, the third-largest town of Südtirol. We are in Italy, but it could just as easily have been Austria…

A very long time ago – way before you and I were born (maybe die Uroma and her cow Linde weren’t even born yet, but no one knows for sure) – there was a dwarf king and his name was Laurin. He lived in the Dolomites – a mountain range in what is now north-eastern Italy – and ruled over a thriving race of dwarfs who lived up in the mountains and mined them for jewels and valuable ores. Anna, Bowser and I spent last weekend in the Italian autonomous province Südtirol and learned more about this fascinating dwarf king. Well, Anna and I did at least. I’m not sure if Bowser was really learning a lot about him, but he seemed to enjoy himself. That should be enough for now. He is a baby, after all.

Bowser was born in the Netherlands and is half Austrian (from Anna), half Dutch (from me). He was made, however, more than a year ago in a whole different country. Now that he is almost old enough to move forward on his belly and eat half a banana for lunch, we – Anna, Bowser and I – are going back to that place: Croatia, here we come!