Back to where it all began…
and we take Bowser along

Bowser was born in the Netherlands and is half Austrian (from Anna), half Dutch (from me). He was made, however, more than a year ago in a whole different country. Now that he is almost old enough to move forward on his belly and eat half a banana for lunch, we – Anna, Bowser and I – are going back to that place: Croatia, here we come!

Croatia is quite far away, especially if you travel all the way by car from the Netherlands, as we do. Bowser doesn’t like long car drives and can get very moody when he’s bored. Therefore, we decided to divide our trip up into several parts. Our first destination is Vorarlberg, the westernmost region of Austria, near the Swiss border.

Why Vorarlberg? First of all, it’s more or less halfway between the Netherlands and Croatia. Also, part of Bowser’s Austrian family lives here and they like to see him every now and then. They are jealous of his Dutch relatives, who get to see him all the time. I can imagine their frustration: it is indeed a pleasure to be around Bowser (if he’s not hungry, tired, bored, thirsty, too cold, too warm, not sleeping at night or frustrated because he can’t reach what he wants to reach).

After Vorarlberg we move on to Osttirol, where some more of Bowser’s Austrian family members live. We will visit the oldest of them all: ‘die Uroma‘. No one knows exactly how old she is, but it must be at least a couple hundred years. She lives on a farm for tiny people with her favourite cow Linde – who is probably as old as die Uroma herself – in the middle of nowhere. It’s always a very special experience to stay there and it will be again this time, I’m sure.

When we leave die Uroma and Linde, we finally drive to Croatia for the main purpose of this trip: to close Anna’s bank account. And no, there’s no other way to do this; we have to go all the way to Croatia for it. But we’re not complaining. It actually provides us with a good excuse to pack our bags and get on the road. Also, Anna and I are really looking forward to all the nice Croatian food and wine, which Bowser due to his special baby-diet unfortunately can’t have.

On the way back to the Netherlands we stop in the north of Italy to learn more about a dwarf king with an enchanting rose garden and a magic invisibility cloak, and again in Vorarlberg to give Bowser’s family a last chance to play with him before we head back to the Netherlands for who knows how long.

So, lots to do, see and experience in the next three weeks! It is Thursday afternoon now: we have to get going if we want to arrive in Austria at a not entirely unreasonable time. We will keep you updated about Bowser’s adventures in Austria, Croatia and Italy!

Everything’s packed! So much stuff for such a tiny little fellow…
Everything’s packed! So much stuff for such a tiny little fellow…


  1. Resa said:

    Yippi yippi yeeeeeeej:-) und los, damit ihn bald pöppala kann:-)

    July 30, 2015
  2. Lars said:

    have a good time Bowser!

    July 31, 2015

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