About us

We are Anna, Jelle, Bowser* and Watson**. We like to travel and share our experiences with you. That’s why we created Travels with Bowser: a blog about travelling with a baby. It’s not one of those websites full of tips and tricks, or suggestions for the best places to go travelling with a baby. The internet is full of those already. We just want to share our travel stories with you. Perhaps it gives you some ideas for travelling, or maybe just a good read.

You might wonder why this website is named after Bowser and not after Watson. Do we love him more than her? Don’t worry, it’s not that. It’s just that we started this website when Bowser was born. We didn’t know there would be a Watson back then. And changing the name every time a new baby is born… that’s just not gonna work. Imagine we eventually have 7 kids. Just imagine…

*Bowser is not actually called Bowser. He was once, when he was still in Anna’s belly, but after the birth we decided to give him a less ridiculous name. He is still a baby and we don’t know if he is okay with us spreading his personal information all over the internet. Therefore, to secure Bowser’s privacy online, we keep calling him Bowser.

**Same applies to Watson.

Our story

A long time ago, back in the summer of 2009, an international group of students met in the Portuguese town of Braga. They had come from all over the world to spend one semester in the north of Portugal. Together they were having the time of their lives. Among these people were a Dutch guy called Jelle and an Austrian girl named Anna. Jelle liked Anna and after showing off his singing talents Anna liked him back. I guess you can fill in the rest: they fell hopelessly in love and lived happily ever after?

No, wrong.

They did fall in love (of course, because they both were – and still are – very awesome), but at the end of the semester they moved back to their own countries.

What? Why?

Well, to finish their studies of course, and to continue their lives at home. Anna went back to Innsbruck, Jelle to Maastricht. But don’t worry. Years later – both just graduated from university – they met again and this time decided to stay together, wherever that may be.

For a while they lived in Croatia, where Anna worked as a lecturer at the German department of the University of Rijeka and Jelle as a freelance journalist for Dutch travel magazines. Their apartment on top of a hill, overlooking the city and harbour of Rijeka, was neat. As was their relaxing Croatian way of living. Anna and Jelle enjoyed life very much.

And then Anna got pregnant. From Jelle. Things changed. For various reasons, Croatia suddenly didn’t seem so appealing anymore and Anna and Jelle decided to move to the Netherlands. A few months later Bowser was born. Two years after that Watson joined them.

The four of them still live in the Netherlands, but travel abroad whenever they can. And if they do, see, hear or in any other way experience something worth sharing, Jelle writes about it on this website.

About the author

My name is Jelle. I currently work as a writer at a Dutch contractor and as a web editor for a company that provides training courses for works councils and entrepreneurs. As a freelance journalist, I also write for travel magazines.

JelleIn 2009, halfway through my studies Arts and Culture, I decided to spend a semester abroad. I ended up in Braga, in the north of Portugal, where I met Anna and discovered the fun of travelling. In the years that followed, I travelled whenever I could. There are still a lot of places I want to go to and I’ll try to visit them all with Anna, Bowser and Watson.

I like writing, I like travelling, I like Anna, I like Bowser, I like Watson. Hence Travels with Bowser, where all of them come together. I hope you enjoy our stories.