Travels with Bowser Posts

Bowser sits next to the coachman and is very impressed. They talk about Sarah and Bianca, the two horses in front of us. What a luck we found this horse-drawn vehicle to bring us back to our car. The last two days we walked a lot. My legs are tired. Bowser’s legs are way shorter than mine; I can’t imagine how exhausted they must be. He’s obviously very relieved that he can just sit down for a bit now. I understand. And I’m very proud of him, for walking along with us so well. I mean, he’s only two years old.

Bowser likes cheese. A lot. It’s one of the first Dutch words he was able to pronounce. When he’s in the mood for it, he points at the fridge and shouts: “Kaas! Ja, kaas!” He gets almost as excited about it as he gets about vehicles such as cars, tractors, trucks, ambulances, trains and excavators. For the ones who don’t know Bowser all that well: this means very excited. Anna and I like cheese too, especially the mountain cheese we eat when we’re in Vorarlberg. And so we decided to visit Bregenzerwald in search of the so-called Cheese Road.

Before I start, I want to make clear that I like Bowser a lot. And I like doing stuff with him. But every now and then it’s also very nice to do something without him. And so last Monday I left him with Anna at his grandparents’ place while I cycled the whole day through a part of Vorarlberg. By myself, so I could just cycle in my own desired pace and stop wherever and whenever I wanted to. I could decide which route exactly to follow, without taking other people’s preferences and suggestions into account. That’s why I like doing stuff on my own. Also, I don’t like people that much.